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Winner of the World Skills 2019 Melbourne east regional competition.

You are now a fish. Unfortunately stuck in a restaurant kitchen. It's a good thing you are strong enough to send you body ragdolling through the air and to you freedom!

Team of two created in a six hour game-jam.

The brief for this challenge, in summary, was required to include a fish, a treasure chest as well as include some type of scoring system. With no Internet for assistance, time constraint of six hours and a two person team the game had to be designed with simplicity as the top priority.

So the general idea for this game is to get the fish to the sink  as fast as possible. The fish can only be moved by launching it into the air and ragdolling through the assortment of props in the way.

In order to quickly produce models we chose to create a custom grayscale shader to remove need uv-unwrap and texture everything (other than texturing the fish and treasure chest as that was one requirement of the challenge) and give the game a unique visual style on the cheap. The shader in question is a dither effect with custom toon lighting created in unity shader-graph.

The other main component was the ragdoll fish. This was achieved by adding rigidbody collisions on each bone of the model and connecting them with fixed joints. I would have preferred to use character joints, like how the unity humanoid ragdoll builder does in order prevent the bones folding in on themselves and over deforming, but due to the time constraints I didnt want to spend the time tweaking the many parameters.

The ragdoll is then simply controlled by applying force to each rigidbody joint, sending it noodling through the air, like all good ragdolls do. 

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